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Product Briefs

Microcontroller Module Offers Speed and Versatility for One-of-a-Kind Applications

ARMexpress, a fast microcontroller module for $69, is now available from Coridium Corp. Featuring performance in a small footprint, the product is versatile, pre-configured and suitable for creating one-of a kind and/or small-volume applications. Target users include engineers building time-to-market sensitive prototypes, floor engineers creating unique projects for managing production, and novice programmers with ease-of-use as their top priority. Combining a 60 MHz CPU with a BASIC compiler, the ARMexpress DIP24 Module executes both 10 million lines of BASIC code and one million I/O operations per-second, and provides build-in support for the I2C, SPI, ASYNC, PWM, and 1-WIRE protocols. Pin compatible with other DIP24 modules, the ARMexpress provides an upgrade path that is said to operate hundreds of times faster.

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