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ARM-equipped DIP module runs fast Basic

Intended for small-volume use in control environments

The Coridium ARMexpress DIP24 microcontroller packages an ARM processor with a Basic compiler in an 0.6-inch DIP plug-in module intended to be used in small-volume applications. Users can communicate with the module via a USB interface that also accepts direct commands, and program files can be generated using any text editor.

The 60-MHz ARM7 processor teams with an ARM Basic compiler to offer the benefits of easy programming and fast execution. The ARMexpress DIP24 can execute a staggering 10 million lines of Basic code while handling up to 1 million I/O operations per second using 16 TTL-compatible I/O pins.

The on-board Basic compiler generates code that runs up to 30 times faster than interpreted Basic, which puts it in the same league as compiled C. The ARMexpress DIP24 has 128 KB of flash memory (with 40 KB available for user code) and 64 KB of SRAM for user variables, which provides room for approximately 3,000 lines of code and 10,000 variables.

The module includes built-in support for I2C, SPI, ASYNC, PWM, and 1-Wire communication. The digital I/O ports can be controlled individually or as a group using Basic INS and OUTS instructions.

Coridium also offers a hardware development environment called BASICnode, which includes a prototyping area for user-designed peripheral circuitry. The package includes a power supply, a cross-over Ethernet cable, and a CD with manual and a Basic tutorial.

Finally, the ARMexpress has on-board voltage regulators so it can run from a 7-V to 12-V DC supply.



Written By:  klc-techtrans  Date Posted:   13/07/2006
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