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BASIC for mbed
Coridium has ported our BASIC compiler to other popular platforms, now the mbed. You can download a copy for personal or educational use for just $5.
The BASIC includes floating point, string processing, direct access to hardware, interrupts, and file system access to an SDcard. Library routines for I2C, SPI, LCD and one-wire devices are available.
Contact for commercial use or other CPU ports. Integrated BASIC language support for Ethernet DHCP, email, webpage service, and UDP can be built into the custom commercial version.



  • 100 MHz ARM M3 32-bit CPU (LPC1768)
  • Programmable in a compiled BASIC
  • Operates faster than 24 million BASIC lines per second
  • IEEE 754 floating-point support


  • 2.1”x 1.1”


  • 512K Flash memory
  • 64K RAM memory
  • optional SDcard via SPI


  • Less than 200 mW
  • powered from USB


  • 34 TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold, 5V tolerant
  • 6 x 12 bit analog A/Ds
  • 10 bit analog output